Everyday Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

Beauty tips Everyday Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial Video with celebrity makeup artist Robert Jones from the online makeup school, the Robert Jones Beauty Academy, at http://www.robertjonesbeautyacademy.com.

This makeup tutorial video features how to apply everyday eye makeup for the asian eye shape! So many people have a tendency to apply makeup for the asian eye shape by darkening everything and not using any highlight at all.

However! Robert prefers to use a little highlight to open the eye up and will show you exactly where he likes to do that… as well as all his other tips, tricks, and how-to’s to make that gorgeous asian eye shape POP!

About the Robert Jones Beauty Academy:
The Robert Jones Beauty Academy is an online makeup school featuring step-by-step makeup tutorial videos by Robert Jones, from beginning to advanced for those who love makeup for themselves, those who are makeup consultants, or those who are pro makeup artists… or want to be!

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About Robert Jones
Robert Jones is an international celebrity makeup artist as well as Amazon.com’s top-ten best-selling author of the Makeup Makeover series (you can find his books here: http://www.robertjonesbeautyacademy.com/beauty-shop/books.html). His latest book, Makeup Makeovers in 5, 10, 15, and 20 Minutes has been a huge hit, selling out several times over!

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