Welcome Christmas

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It is getting colder and colder outside
Winter is coming around the corner
and so is Christmas with all its pride
I promise it won’t be getting warmer.

The nights are long and silent nowadays

Could Claus be riding his sleigh this night,

Or is there a snow storm coming this way,

Maybe Santa is checking his list to be right?

I looked above in the evening light for the thrill

of Christmas to begin and ring in happy melodies.

Once again, and for a moment I felt the cold chill

Warming me as I heard the beautiful chimes harmony.

Peace enfolded the world with glowing stars above

Christmas has come again with all its amazement

And the magic that brings the hope of course is love.

Welcome Christmas as the world awaits in enjoyment.

One more time, the Christmas tree lights shine bright

Gifts are passed around with words of great esteem

Father Christmas was here once again over night

Merry Christmas one and all and a joyous eve.

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