Beauty tips Step by Step easy to follow tutorial for that Kim Kardashian Concealer you’ve always wanted. Ultra highlighted. No expensive products needed.


Yes! The most requested video on concealer is … THE KIM KARDASHIAN CONCEALER! How do i do it? Is it hard? We here i show you what to do in a simple, easy to understand tutorial. Its actually very simple when you know how!

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Kim Kardashians concealer as been the talk of makeup artists and makeup lovers for a long time now. Without a doubt its a beauty look. The one thing that you will notice if you’ve ever looked into drag makeup is that the concealer “trick” is the same as the drag queens! I have a lovely friend called “lee” who works as a drag queen – and his makeup is the best i’ve ever seen. Its amazing. A work of art and his concealer is the same!

I hope you learn something from this routine and also, excuse the facial hair and fact that i had not “eye makeup” on.

It looks a little hard and unblended on me – but with eyeshadow and the works it would have pulled together nicely 🙂

Products used:

make up for ever hd foundation 150
MAC Stuido Tech Concealer NW25
MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer
make up for ever super matte loose powder
powder puff
Thank you all for your time.

Wayne x