All alone on Christmas

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The cold wind is blowing,
An the streets are getting dark,
I’m looking for you everywhere,
An I don’t know were to start.

The Christmas songs are playing in the street,

People window shopping down in the town,

I walk and see the snow beneath my feet,

It must be Christmas time again right here,

Every year I get a little lonely around this time,

Do people still find love at Christmas?

Tell me, were do lonely hearts go?

Well, no-one ought to be all alone on Christmas

My childhood dreams are a thing in the past,

Nothing to find or nothing to hope for,

Everything will not last,

Do Christmas dreams ever come true?

I’m all grown up but I’m the same you’ll see,

I’m looking for because I still believe,

I know I have been good this year,

Can’t you stay with me right here?

This Christmas will always be the same,

For everyone to still believe,

That were do lonely hearts go,

Because no-one ought to be all alone on Christmas,

All alone on Christmas.

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